COVID-19 update

25/03/2020 12.00pm

We have all been busy working through the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and we'd like to share some further protective measures we've put in place for everyone's wellbeing.

You'll begin to see our teams at your local store wearing masks, putting protective screens at checkout and floor signage communicating the appropriate 2.0m physical distancing length.

We’re also encouraging the use of contactless payments such as payWave as another way of reducing contact to help keep you safe.

We’d like to remind you to please continue to shop as normal and buy what you need to be fair and kind to others.

24/03/2020 3.30pm

We are open for business

We have been identified by the government as an essential service and will remain open during Alert Level 4.

Some of our store hours and delivery times are changing to enable us to keep up with customer demand.  Please visit our location page for the most up to date information.   If our stores get too busy that it becomes a safety and wellbeing concern for our team or our customers, we may limit the number of customers entering our store temporarily.

We remind you to please shop as you normally would and continue to visit our Cash ‘n Carry stores to top up on your essentials.

Please be patient, considerate and kind and we’ll get through this together.


24/03/2020 1.30pm

At Gilmours we'll be prioritising supporting our foodservice delivery customers that are running essential services, such as hospitals. 

However, our Cash and Carry stores are still open - please check our website as some of our opening hours are changing to enable us to keep up with customer demand:

Due to ongoing high demand, we'll be placing limits on some products to ensure that there's enough for everyone.   

Please shop as you normally would and continue to visit our Cash ‘n Carry stores to top up on your essentials. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding at this time.

24/03/2020 9.30am

When we all work together and shop normally there is plenty for everyone. Here are 3 ways you can help:

Shop like you normally would

Buying more than you need means others go without. Please be considerate and avoid stockpiling. By all means pick up a couple of extra things, but there’s no need to stock up for weeks in advance.

Shop at our Cash ‘n Carry stores

They are safe. While we’ve always had cleaning, hygiene and food safety processes in our stores, we’ve increased these measures even further to look after your wellbeing and our teams.

Look out for each other

In times of uncertainty a little kindness goes a long way. Please be kind to others when shopping and to our store team, supply chain and Customer Service teams, who are working around the clock to keep shelves stocked to meet your needs. They’re our foodservice heroes.

Thanks for your patience and understanding at this time.


From this afternoon, all of our delivery drivers will be actively distancing themselves at least 2 metres away when delivering your orders.

We won't be asking for signatures, but instead we will be taking a photo as proof that the order was delivered.

We have also put in place a mandatory health check for all of our drivers before they head out.

We, like you, are taking the current COVID-19 situation very seriously. The wellbeing of our team and our customers is paramount. We look forward to your support with this.


We’d like to reassure you that supplying your business still remains our top priority at the moment. You can always rely on us so you can serve your customers without disruption. We’re working hard behind the scenes to make sure all of our online deliveries are timely and meet your needs.

We’re doing the following to prioritise your health and safety:

- Continuing to take pride in keeping our Cash ‘n Carry stores clean and well-run, including making hand sanitiser readily available at all our check-outs
- We’ve put in place an updated cleaning and sanitising plan for each of our stores to make sure they’re cleaned more frequently, with extra care. This also applies to our distribution centres and support office
- Sending out reminders to all of our members that if you’re feeling unwell, you should stay inside and not visit our Cash ‘n’ Carry stores. Instead, you can call our Customer Service Centre team on 0800 270 414 who are ready to try and help
- We’re reviewing our travel policy to guarantee the safety of our team

We remind you to please shop as you normally would. You may see purchase limits in-store on some of our products - this is to make sure that there is enough for everyone.

We’re grateful for your cooperation and as the situation continues to develop, we will be posting updates here and via email. We recognise that these are unsettling times and we will continue to make health, safety and wellbeing our key priority, so you can continue to do the same for your customers. This is all part of our promise to be New Zealand’s most trusted and preferred foodservice partner.

If you have any further questions, you can call our Customer Service Centre, or get in touch with your Gilmours sales rep.