Save ordering time with standing orders

It’s now even easier to order from us by setting up a standing order when shopping with us. Standing orders are designed for busy restaurants and cafés that need to order the same amount of the same products for delivery on the same days, saving you time as you don’t need to go through the whole order process over and over again.

Standing orders complements the existing ‘My List’ capability which also saves you re-order time but gives much more flexibility. ‘My List’ is ideal for those products you purchase regularly, like fresh produce, but not necessarily in the same quantities. It's also useful for when delivery days need to be flexible based on how busy you are.

You can now use both standing orders and ‘My List’ to cut down on business admin time, while still making sure you have everything you need to keep your customers happy and your business running full steam ahead.

We are always committed to being your trusted food service partner and we are constantly working on new initiatives that save you time and make things easier.