Gilmours International Wine Competition 2021

Conditions of Entry

Terms and conditions of entering the 2021 Gilmours International Wine Competition. The Gilmours International Wine Competition is run by Foodstuffs North Island Limited for its Gilmours banner (Gilmours).

1. Wines must sell under $30 a bottle wholesale. This means that the normal recommended wholesale price (NOT promotional price) must be under $30 a bottle excluding GST.

2. Wines must be available in a commercial quantity and have the minimum stockholding volume requirement of 1,800 bottles (1,350 litres) available at the time of judging (22nd March 2021).

3. Wine from any supplier, producer or agent may be entered (subject to the country of origin requirement at clause 4 below) See Class Schedule for varietals you can enter.

4. Wine entered in the Gilmours International Wine Competition must not be from New Zealand. Wine can be entered from any other country, EXCEPT New Zealand. 

5. Overseas wineries must have New Zealand representation and distribution.

6. There is no restriction on the number of different wines entered from a supplier, producer, distributor or agent.

7. Any wine may be entered only once under the closure of the entrant’s choice (e.g. screwcap, cork etc.) and in the packaging format of the entrant’s choice (e.g. glass, can, plastic etc.). It cannot be duplicated with another type of closure or packaging format. 

8. Any wine can only be entered once. In the situation where the same wine is bottled under 2 different labels, only one label may be entered.

9. Only wines made solely from grapes are eligible for entry. Grape wine is defined as “the product of the complete or partial fermentation of fresh grapes, or a mixture of that product and products derived solely from grapes.” 

10. Entries must be lodged online at  For any questions regarding entry please email the Chief Steward on  

11. Entry fee per wine is NZ$25.00 plus GST. 

12. An invoice with payment instructions will be issued on 1 March 2021. Payment must be received by 12 March 2021. Entries will be withdrawn or results withheld if payment is not received by the due date.

13. Withdrawals must be notified to the Chief Steward at  

14. Entry fees for withdrawn wines already invoiced will not be refunded for withdrawals made after the payment date of 12 March 2021.

15. By entering the Gilmours International Wine Competition entrants agree to receive emails updating them on the competition. Recipients can unsubscribe to these emails at any time.

16. Gilmours will hold entrant’s email addresses in a database for future marketing and promotional purposes of the Gilmours International Wine Competition entry process.  This database may be securely shared with Foodstuffs agencies and third-party suppliers for this purpose. 

17. By submitting an entry into the Gilmours International Wine Competition, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the competition.

Samples and Judging

18. Confirmation of entries and sample bottle instructions will be emailed to entrants on Monday 22 February 2021

19. The final date for receipt of wine samples is Friday 12 March 2021.

20. Arrangements can be made with the Chief Steward ( for receiving late samples until Monday 15 March 2021.

21. While every effort will be made to ensure wines are judged in the correct class, it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the wine is entered into the correct class. The competition organisers reserve the right to move a wine to a more suitable class if this is deemed necessary. 

22. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure the wine and vintage as completed on the entry form is the wine that is entered and labelled for judging.

23. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that wines to be judged are received by the due date.

24. It is the entrant’s responsibility to pay excise duty that is charged on imported samples.

25. Two or three samples of each wine packaged in 750ml or 375ml bottles are required for judging.  For wine packaged under screwcap two sample bottles and for wine packaged under cork three sample bottles are required. 

26. Suppliers of the top ranked wines selected will be asked to provide two more sample bottles for photography and for Emma Jenkins (MW) to write the tasting notes.

27. All sample bottles submitted for the competition become the property of Gilmours.

28. Each entry must be presented for judging in its retail packaging. No tank or barrel samples are permitted. 

29. The wine supplied for judging must be the same varietal, vintage, packaging and closure as the product made available for sale in New Zealand.

30. Each wine entered for judging must be fully consistent with all wine produced under the same label in that vintage. All entry sample bottles must be taken from, and therefore representative of, a homogeneous quantity of wine. Such wine may be produced in multiple lots or bottlings provided that:

a. Every lot and/or bottling is composed of identical source materials blended in identical proportions and subjected to identical winemaking practices and processes as far as practically achievable in terms of good winemaking practice.

b. Every lot and/or bottling is consistent in terms of sensory characteristics and chemical profile, allowing for analytical tolerances and the effects of maturation.

c. It is fully consistent with all wine produced under that same label in that vintage and with that available in the market.

31. In some cases, such as with imported wines, multiple lot numbers may be in the marketplace. In this instance, if such a wine is selected, the Chair of Judges will taste the wine submitted with the wine available for supply and, if they are the same, Gilmours will proceed with the lot numbers of the supplied wine.

32. The top scoring entries in each class will be photographed after the judging for marketing purposes. 

33. All wine entered for judging must be of merchantable quality and comply with all relevant Food Safety legislation and standards for retail sale, including full compliance with the labelling regulations as specified in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. 

34. Cleanskin samples will not be accepted.

35. Wines will be judged in vintage order, younger before older.

36. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Chair of Judges and Gilmours shall be final.

37. All results will be confirmed by email on Friday 26 March 2021.


38. All wines entered into the Gilmours International Wine Competition may be subject to verification of compliance with the regulations of the competition by auditors appointed by the organisers of the competition. 

39. The entrant agrees that organisers of the Gilmours  International Wine Competition and/or their auditors may inspect stocks and uplift samples of wines bearing the same name details as the entry held at the premises of the entrant and inspect records of wines bearing the same name details as the entry. They agree to facilitate such an inspection at a mutually convenient time within five days of the date of such request.

40. Wines available for retail sale may be purchased in the course of the audit.

41. In the event of a judged wine being found to be inconsistent with wine produced under the same label in that vintage, that wine will be disqualified, have medals withdrawn and may be prevented from entering the competition in future. Only in the instance that the entrant supplier, producer or agent can prove to the Chair’s satisfaction in every respect that the wine came from the same source and is made, blended and bottled consistently will the wine not be disqualified. Any costs incurred in this process will be paid by the entrant.