20 January 2017

Putting the wind in their sails


Gilmours has swung in behind the team at Emirates Team New Zealand as an Official Supplier to the Challenge as they set their sights on bringing the America’s Cup home in 2017. The team has long inspired Kiwis from all walks of life as they take on the best the world has to offer – and this year should prove no exception.

“We are honoured to be behind the team as they take on the best of the best in Bermuda later this year,” says Chris Quin, CEO Foodstuffs North Island. “Emirates Team New Zealand exhibits all the key characteristics of Kiwis who find inventive and creative ways of doing things on a budget. That’s a lot like the thousands of small businesses who come to Gilmours to stock their shelves with great value products to offer their customers exciting options in-store and in cafés and restaurants.”

Gilmours will be keeping the team supplied with groceries both in New Zealand as they prepare for the regatta and in Bermuda. “Our biggest challenge will be figuring out how much and what we can cram into a container for the team as they head off to Bermuda,” says Aaron Kedzlie, Owner-operator Gilmours Mt Roskill. “As you can imagine it is pretty costly keeping the team fed and watered in one of the most expensive locations on Earth, so we’re going to help Emirates Team New Zealand fill a container with key great value high-energy supplies to give them the best chance of success.”

Both the shore-based and sailing teams are happy to have Gilmours support. Tom Waterhouse, Manager Official Suppliers says, “We’ve always been a team to save as much as we can on essentials with the help of organisations like Gilmours so that we can invest as much as we can in the boat and the team – that’s what makes us go faster. We have some amazing people on board and behind us and we’re looking forward to success in Bermuda in 2017.” 

22 April 2016

Gilmours Wellington opens on 2 May

We’ve been busy with some exciting changes to our business to make sure we remain New Zealand’s preferred supplier of wholesale food and beverages.  So on 2 May 2016 Toops Ngauranga is becoming Gilmours Wellington, all part of our plan to ensure you - our customer - has the best possible experience. 

It’s not just the signs that are changing, there will be improvements across the entire business from the carpark to the checkout.  By becoming a Gilmours customer, you will have the opportunity to buy from a far greater product range than ever before and because we are large distributor you can be assured of excellent value.

We are also moving to an owner/operator model and Matt Humphrey will be taking ownership of Gilmours Wellington.  Matt has a long history in food service and hospitality.  He is looking forward to getting to know the businesses he will be serving.

Please click here to download a brochure which will provide more details about the change.

Once you have read it, if you have any questions, please call the Gilmours Contact Centre 0800 270 414.

Thank you for your support of Gilmours Wellington.


19 October 2015

We’ve been busy making some changes to our business this year, with the purpose of ensuring that you, our customer, experience the best service and range possible. We understand that a change for good is sometimes difficult and we appreciate your patience and commitment through the process.

Now we’re taking that next step towards our goal and from 2 November 2015, Toops Palmerston North will be changing to become part of the Gilmours brand and will be known as Gilmours Central.

This is an exciting change which helps us to deliver a consistent range and service across the North Island. Gilmours, like Toops, have been servicing the wholesale food & beverage market for a number of years – and we will continue to provide your business with the goods you need. We know that the only reason to introduce changes to any business is to lead to real improvements. We are confident that these changes are for the better.

Not only are the signs on the door are changing:

• We are becoming owner-operated: We know that a successful business is driven from someone having “skin in the game”. I will be the new local owner of Gilmours Central and I am committed to serving you and other local businesses across the Central North Island.

• We are changing our business system: We are standardising the system that runs our business across all Gilmours outlets. This will allow us to provide you with better service across the board and will mean that you will notice some changes to how you do business with us (see inside booklet for details).

• We are aligning our range: All Gilmours stores across the North Island will now have access to the same range of products. There are over 1000 new product lines that will now be accessible through Gilmours Central. This means more choice for you, and great pricing across the North Island (see inside booklet for details).

Download the short booklet outlining what’s happening and what effects it will have on your business – all positive ones, we can assure you! There are a few actions we need you to take, and a few we are undertaking ourselves, so make sure you take a few minutes to have a read through.

In the next week or so you will receive your new Gilmours membership card, which you will need to use from November 2 if you purchase in store. It contains your new Gilmours membership number, which you will need when ordering. Please sign the card immediately so it’s ready to go.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the Gilmours Contact Centre or pop into the store for a chat.

We look forward to continuing our ongoing and valuable business relationship with you.

Kind regards

Peter Blackwell

Owner Operator

Gilmours Central, Palmerston North

26 June 2015


As you may be aware we recently announced some proposed changes for Gilmours. After consultation with our Gilmours teams, we have confirmed the difficult decision to close three Cash ‘n Carry stores with the following anticipated closure dates.

Gilmours Panmure - 24 July 2015
Gilmours Rotorua - 8 August 2015
Gilmours Henderson - 21 August 2015

What this means for you
All Gilmours customer accounts remain open and if you shop at one of the above Cash ‘n Carry stores your account will be transferred to a new store after the closing date. We will be contacting customers from closing stores soon to provide them with details of their new store. You can also ask for these details in store at the customer service desk.

Service delivery customers
If you are a service delivery customer, your service will continue uninterrupted regardless. We understand how important it is that you are assured with continuity of service. If you are currently serviced by a store that is closing you will receive a letter from Gilmours outlining how the transition will take place.

Auckland Cash ‘n Carry customers
Our Auckland customers will be able to shop at any of our other Auckland stores 7 days a week. These stores are Gilmours North Shore, Gilmours Mt Roskill and Gilmours Manukau. We appreciate the store closures in Henderson and Panmure will make things more inconvenient for some of our customers but hope we can continue to work with you at the other locations.

Rotorua Cash ‘n Carry customers
Although the Rotorua store is closing, Gilmours will keep operating in Rotorua, but in a different way. Gilmours will continue to serve local businesses with a delivery service and locally based representatives who will visit customers. For more information on signing up for the delivery service please call our Gilmours Call Centre on 0800 270 414. We will also be writing to all our customers with further information.

The closest store for our Rotorua customers is Gilmours Tauranga. There is also a Gilmours in Hamilton. Again we do appreciate this is much less convenient for our Cash ‘n Carry customers and apologise.

Our staff
Our staff do a great job in store and this decision is in no way a reflection on them. Gilmours is working with the staff in affected stores and supporting them to find other roles in our wider business – including at stores like Pak n Save and New World.

Many of our customers have sent messages of support to the staff in the closing stores. We will communicate these to the teams in store and know our staff will appreciate them.

Thank you
All our owner operators would like to thank our customers for their business and will be working hard to make these changes as seamless as possible. Please remember until closure, it is business as usual in all our stores.

If you have any questions please contact our Gilmours Call Centre on 0800 270 414.


18 June 2015


Important customer information

As an owner operated business, Gilmours is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.  The next step in Gilmours’ evolution is the development of well located, large format stores that will enable us to offer you a bigger range, better supply and deliver you a truly outstanding customer experience.   

To achieve this, it is proposed that Gilmours will invest in our wholesale stores based in Tauranga, Hamilton and our Auckland stores in Albany, Mt Roskill and Manukau.

Proposed store closures

Due to their size and/or locations, three Gilmours stores are not considered suitable to be large format stores – Gilmours Henderson, Gilmours Panmure and Gilmours Rotorua.  Today a proposal has been shared with the teams to close these stores, with a final decision being made by the end of June.  These teams do a great job and the proposal to close these stores is absolutely no reflection on them.  Gilmours is providing these teams with support during this period.

What this means for you

Gilmours will continue to prioritise our relationship with you to keep delivering you great service.   Should the store close we have seven site locations in the North Island and we would transfer your account to a new store.  We would manage this process carefully to ensure a seamless transition.  You can also be assured that Gilmours remains totally committed to the Wholesale business now and in the future.

Thank you

Thank you in advance for your support as we develop our wholesale business for growth. We will continue to keep you updated, however, if you have a question please call the Gilmours contact centre on 0800 270 414. In the meantime, it’s business as usual at Gilmours.